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To my child, my happiness
My purpose for existence
I felt it since the day you were born
It didn't matter how much you had grown
Your graduation is in the year 2002
Unimaginable it will go on without you
I see your smile as you lift the tassel to the other side
You look back and see your parents bursting
with such pride.
Just to be your Mom was all I ever wanted.
You fulfilled my every need.
You were all I ever wanted.
I thought that someday I'd see you as a man
Looking dapper holding your wife and son's hands.
If I were allowed to have one more day with you I'd cradle
you in my arms and I'd sing to you
I'd tell you to relax that everything was going to be OK
I'd hold you and God would tell you it was your day.
I would run my fingers through your hair
Then put my hands on your cheeks,
Dear God this is so unfair!
Son I miss you, I ache for you, and I cry for you
They have ripped out my heart and soul,
I would have died for you.
Please let there be a heaven where my baby can sleep
Don't let the cold dirt be resting on his feet
Let us go back to an eye for an eye
Then and only then,
will second thoughts rise before pulling the trigger
Reunited in Heaven Maybe,
Love Eternally, Mom
Written in UCLA
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