We are sorry for the loss of Jeff Markowitz, Nick's father. His life was fulfilled by being a father and husband. Cancer took his life on July 20, 2018.


A Little About Nicholas Markowitz, From His Mother -

"Nick's Favorite color at one time was red, but then he like blue or black. All teenage boys like black, must be a guy thing! Nick was into Drama/Shakespeare; very talented at that. He actually auditioned and performed at Paramount Studios.

He was an avid reader, every night since he could read. In kindergarten, he read 300 books. And he made people, especially me, laugh all the time with his humor.

He used to play with bugs as a child (snails and ants), but he would unroll the snails to see which one was older!

He was really good on the computer and was kind and sensitive. He showed little kids on the beach how to fly those kites that you can control.

He didn't like sports. He was 6 ft and wore a size 14 shoe at the age of 15. His birthday was Sept 19, 1984. His death was August 9, 2000."

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